Is  Trump  a  Modern-­day  Samson?   by  Kelli  Hillard        
 It  was  election  night  2012  and  Republican  Strategist  Karl  Rove  was  coming  completely  unhinged  in  the   Fox  News  studios.  For  months  he  had  his  thumb  on  the  polling  pulse  of  the  nation  –  especially  the  all-­ important  “swing  states.”  While  we  all  knew  it  would  be  a  close  election;;  many  believed  America  was   ready  for  a  change  from  Barack  Obama.       Hope  had  dissipated,  and  they  wanted  change.  Millions  of  Americans  were  disheartened  that  their  first   black  president  –  eloquent  and  handsome  –  hadn’t  turned  out  to  be  the  man  they  thought  he  was.  His   affordable  healthcare  act  we  turning  out  to  be  not  so  affordable,  jobs  were  fewer  and  lower  paying,  and   people  were  still  losing  their  homes  in  record  numbers.       By  comparison,  Romney  presented  a  mature,  fatherly,  measured-­speaking  businessman.  He  had  many   accomplishments.  He  was  a  conservative  governor  who  successfully  led  the  decidedly  liberal  state  of   Massachusetts.  He  turned  the  scandal-­stricken  Salt  Lake  City  Olympics  into  a  victorious  triumph   bolstering  the  hearts  of  a  still  grieving  post-­9-­11  America.  Romney  looked  like  he  was  just  the  man  to   take  the  helm  and  steer  the  ship  out  of  increasingly  rough  waters.       But  on  election  night,  when  it  came  down  to  the  swing  state  of  Ohio,  Chris  Stirewalt,  one  of  the  number   crunchers  in  the  back  room  at  Fox  studios  explained  to  a  disbelieving  Rove,  “There  just  aren’t  enough   Republican  votes  left  for  Romney  to  get  there.”  And  the  election  was  over.  Obama  was  declared  the   winner  -­  by  five  million  votes.  What  happened?       The  US  Census  Bureau  estimated  215  million  Americans  were  eligible  to  vote  in  the  2012  election  and   57  million  of  those  belonged  to  Evangelical  Protestant  churches.  On  election  night,  Pew  Research   Center  conducted  voter  exit  polls  that  showed  only  23%  of  the  voters  were  Evangelical  Protestants.  In   other  words,  Of  the  129  million  people  who  actually  voted,  23  million  professing  Christian  voters  –   almost  half  –  stayed  home  in  a  Presidential  election  who’s  victor  won  by  only  5  million  votes*       Why  didn’t  they  vote?  Was  it  the  Mormon  thing?  Or  did  the  unsavory  world  of  politics  excuse  their   participation?  At  the  end  of  the  2012  election,  I  can  imagine  Christian  Republicans  were  wringing  their   hands  at  the  thought  of  four  more  years  of  Obama  and  praying  God  would  "turn  all  things  for  good  for   those  who  love  Him."  And  that  2016  would  come  quickly.  I  know  I  was.     Well  2016  is  here.  The  Republicans  don’t  have  the  fatherly,  measured  man  like  Romney  running  –  they   have  the  reality-­showman,  bombastic,  say-­anything  Donald  Trump.  Who  has  a  penchant  for  beautiful   women,  adulterous  behavior,  and  a  good  street  fight.       But  the  Democratic  candidate  is  also  quite  colorful.  Scores  of  first-­hand  accounts  tell  stories  of  Hillary   Clinton  verbally  abusing  those  in  her  employ  with  f-­bomb  expletives,  threatening  a  substantial  list  of   women  who  were  exposing  her  sex-­crazed  husband  on  their  way  to  the  White  House,  and  more   recently,  has  a  potential  rap  sheet  that  rivals  the  Chicago  Mafia  of  the  20s.       To  punctuate  the  point,  WikiLeaks  has  dropped  an  interweb  mother  lode  exposing  the  depth  of   corruption  throughout  the  American  political  process.  It  reads  like  a  detailed  account  of  sausage   making;;  grinding  up  the  waste  parts,  some  blood,  and  cheap  fillers  then  spicing  it  up  to  mask  the  taste   of  inferior  quality.  The  stories  are  so  unbelievably  fraudulent  that  Evangelicals  may  stay  home  again  on   November  8,  or  assuage  their  conscience  and  vote  for  someone  more  palatable.  Even  without  a   chance  of  victory.     But  what  if  one  candidate  –  although  deeply  flawed  and  so  divisive  that  families  are  revising  their   Thanksgiving  invite  –  could  be  used  by  God  to  do  something  seemingly  impossible?   
account  of  Samson  in  the  book  of  Judges  talks  about  a  man  who  was  sent  by  God  to  set  His  people   free  from  hunger  and  oppression  by  the  barbaric  Philistines.  Samson  was  gifted  with  a  supernatural   strength  that  no  one  in  the  land  possessed.  But  he  was  spoiled,  demanding,  and  self-­indulgent  –   especially  with  women.  Towards  the  end  of  the  story,  Samson  is  enslaved  by  his  enemies  and  his  eyes   are  gorged  out.  But  in  a  final  act  of  strength  he  used  his  gift  of  supernatural  strength  and  brought  down   the  oppressors  of  his  people  and  they  finally  lived  in  peace  for  many  years.     So  who  needs  to  be  set  free  in  America?  They  are  Black.  They  are  Latino.  They  are  White.  And  they   are  Asian.  Fifty-­eight  million  of  them  have  been  robbed  of  life  and  a  future.  They  are  the  unborn.  And   more  than  one-­third  of  them  were  black.       Martin  Luther  King  Jr.  once  said,  “The  Negro  cannot  win  as  long  as  he  is  willing  to  sacrifice  the  lives  of   his  children  for  comfort  and  safety.”  Americans  have  been  told  a  lie  that  abortion  is  a  woman’s  right,   and  not  a  big  deal  because  it  doesn’t  really  hurt  anyone.  But  abortion  is  not  about  the  fertility  rights  of   women  –  who  not  only  suffer  physically  but  emotionally  after  the  procedure  –  it’s  about  money.  Big   money.  Clandestine  videos  of  Planned  Parenthood  doctors  discussing  how  best  to  abort  babies  while   preserving  intact  body  parts  for  sale,  proved  that  abortion  is  a  very  profitable  business.       Is  it  possible  that  Roe  v.  Wade  could  actually  be  overturned?  Could  a  United  States  President  nominate   a  justice  to  the  Supreme  Court  bench  that  tips  the  balance  of  power  and  ends  infanticide?  There’s  only   one  candidate  with  the  will  to  do  it.  What  if  Donald  Trump  is  a  modern  day  Samson?       Like  Samson,  Trump  is  a  man  who  sees  what  he  wants  and  goes  after  it.  He  uses  brute  force  –  at  least   verbally  –  to  take  down  his  opponents.    He’s  shocking  and  unorthodox.     Could  the  answer  to  our  prayers  come  in  the  flawed  package  of  Donald  Trump?  That  would  be   shocking  and  unorthodox.  And  unexpected.  But  then  history  shows  us  God  is  very  comfortable  using   the  unorthodox  and  the  unexpected.        

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